Too many companies promise to fill a void. Too many products claim to be the cure. At Midnight Rokon we know our two-wheel drive motorcycles won’t bring world peace, feed the children, or bridge the political divide. They aren’t a pill, cheap advice or a participation trophy. Instead, they are an extension of you, whomever you are. Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles know how to work. Boy do they know how to work. They know how to play, how to escape, and how to manage the urban landscape, and how to get places which once seemed impossible. Buying a Rokon to show to your friends, or to store in your garage won’t make a dang bit of difference in your life. But if you buy one for the reasons they are made… to explore, to chase, to haul, work and play, then a Rokon may be one of the most enjoyable purchases you ever make. Since 1958, Rokons have crawled their way all over the world. They are about the only thing that hasn’t changed….

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