Midnight Rokon – Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you pronounce Rokon?
Legend has it that the original inventor used the “Rock-on” pronunciation. If you don’t want to be a weirdy in the community, pretty much everyone says “rowcon”
these days.

2. A two wheel drive motorcycle? What the heck?
Through the clever use of a mixer box and some good old fashioned figurin’ out, the inventor of Rokon motorcycles was able to create a two-wheel drive motorcycle back in 1958.

3. Won’t it feel funny going around corners?
The motorcycle automatically reduces power to the front tire while going around corners. This reduces wheel hop and keeps your traction right where you want it.

4. How fast do they go?
Fast, loud, and even furious (for that matter) aren’t really our thing. Getting you “there and back”, and getting the work done, is. Most Rokon’s will maintain a respectable 35 mph. The street legal Ranger clocks in at a whopping 37 mph. Let’s see Usain Bolt do that. Rokon’s are built to maneuver difficult terrain, climb steep slopes, and get you over and around big, hairy obstacles. They aren’t designed for speed. Although, 35 mph is pretty dang fast, nonetheless.

5. Can I get parts?
Yep. In the rare case that you’ll need them, Midnight Rokon can help with all your parts needs.

6. How heavy are Rokon Bikes?
Before accessories and fuel, they weigh 218 lbs.

7. My friend says they can float. Is he crazy?
Yes. I mean, yes they can float. I’ve never met your friend. He could be crazy for all I know. Although they can float, Rokon’s are not Coast Guard approved as a life saving device. The hollow drum wheels (when empty) have enough buoyancy to float the bike. The rider (or a friend who lost a bet) will need to hold the handlebars above water to keep water from going where it shouldn’t.

8. Really, you can store liquid in the wheels?
You heard right. This design goes back nearly 60 years. Each wheel holds almost 2.5 gallons of whatever. This means the rider, and the bike can go like a camel in the desert. The wheels aren’t limited to gas or water either. It’s never been done, but you could probably churn butter in there (but we think getting it out would be a little tough).

9. Are Rokon bikes reliable?
Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles are just about the perfect combination of reliability and functionality. The looks haven’t changed much over the years, but many mechanical refinements have been made. Rokon takes rider input seriously, and by listening for over 60 years, they’re made one heck of a solid machine. They are a machine, nonetheless. Due to proper maintenance and care, many of the original Rokon motorcycles are still on the trail today.

10. I’m not a rocket surgeon. Are they hard to fix?
For the most part, all Rokon motorcycles can be repaired with only a handful of basic tools found in most garages. The included repair manual is detailed, and easy to follow. If you can build Ikea furniture, you can get though most mechanical issues on a Rokon (with a lot less cussing).

11. Where can I buy a Rokon motorcycle?
You are in the right spot, my friend. Just click here and the magic of the internet will take you to the shopping page.

12. How much can they tow?
2,000 lbs. No, for real, they can literally tow a ton. We don’t joke about towing around here.

13. How much can they haul?
You can put a total of 600 lbs on the frame, including the rider. Payload will depend on the number of tacos and donuts consumed each week by the rider.

14. What will I do with it if I buy one?
What WON’T you do? That’s the real question. You can explore, climb, hunt, fish, rescue, build, maintain, observe…the list goes on. Combine George Washington, Paul Bunyan, both Lewis AND Clark, whoever built the Hoover Dam, David Hasselhoff, your favorite stuffed animal, and Uncle Sam. Its equal parts genius, builder, explorer, leader, patriot, stud, and cuddly best friend. In case you are wondering, marrying a Rokon is illegal in all 50 states.

15. My Doctor says I have Rokon fever, is it curable?
Science has yet to discover a cure. Rokon fever is a condition that can only be maintained. A heavy dose of ownership and frequent riding are enough to keep the symptoms at bay until a cure is found. You can fill your prescription here by purchasing your own Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycle.

16. Can they climb walls?
No. Even though you’ll probably feel like a super hero riding a Rokon, the laws of physics still apply. But they can go up a 60% grade, which is pretty mind blowing. That’s hard, even on your feet. Batman could probably climb a wall with it. I guess if you have a butler, and a few thousand Benjamin’s to throw around, you could probably figure it out.

17. Why is it so hard to find used Rokon’s?
See #14. Would you ever let that thing go?

18. Can it charge my phone?
Yes, with the right accessories. But where you’re going, you’ll most likely need that screen as a GPS rather than for your tiktok dances. A charging port can be added to any bike.

19. Pretty impressive, but can a Rokon pump water?
That’s easy. Every Rokon has a PTO (Power Take Off). You can attach a legitimate water pump, and spray down your friends, a forest fire, or whatever you’d like. The PTO can also run a generator for your 110V (115V) needs. Both the pump and generator are available accessories to the motorcycle.

20. Dang… what other accessories do you have?
I thought you’d never ask. Gun boots, side cars, trailers, spotlights, saddlebags, ammo cans, mounting brackets, entrenching tools, machete sheaths, cargo racks, retro seats, handlebar phone holders, hand guards, tire chains, tow hitches, charging ports, log skidders, mowers, and a lot more.

21. I heard Rokon’s are illegal in California. Is that true?
Sort of. The street legal Ranger is legal there, but the others are not. You’ve probably heard that people are leaving California in droves. We think it’s because they all want a Rokon.

22. Where is the best place to buy a Rokon?
www.MidnightRokon.com. Please tell your friends.