When most people consider purchasing a Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycle, the question isn’t about what they are getting, but what they can do.  Rokon’s have been around for over 60 years, and in all that time, riders have come up with some pretty incredible ways to really work their Rokon’s.  

Sure, if you want to be your own version of Lewis and Clark, a Rokon will take you farther than any other wheeled vehicle.  Riding a Rokon just for the fun of it is completely worth the price of admission.  In fact many owners never buy an accessory for their Rokon.  But if you are buying yours to work, or for work and play, there are a ton of amazing accessories from the factory, and many other accessories of your own you can hitch right on.  

Agricultural sprayers, discers, plows, mowers, trailers, log skidders, rescue trailers.  You name it.  With the trailer hitch accessory bar, you can attach your regular ball and hitch to your Rokon to pull whatever you’ve got, up to 2,000 pounds.

Rokon motorcycles also give you access to a PTO.  If you don’t know what a PTO is, it is a Power Take Off.  This means you are able to “take off power” from the engine and use it for other purposes.  For example, when a farmer is running a tractor with a powered implement behind it, such as a combine, auger, generator, the power used to put that tool in motion is taken from the engine of the tractor by way of a PTO shaft.  

Another example would be the popular KitchenAid mixers that you see in many homes.  The mixers allow you to take off a quarter sized cap on the front of the machine.  Inside that cap is a PTO.  Cooks, bakers and chefs can attach pasta makers, meat grinders, grain mills to their KitchenAid to take it beyond a standard mixer.  

Rokon motorcycles differ from tractors, in that they cannot be in motion when the PTO is running.  However, the PTO can be a huge advantage nonetheless.  For instance, a PTO water pump can be attached to a Rokon for fighting forest fires, pumping water from flooded areas, or even watering large swaths of vegetation.  The beauty of the PTO is that owners can turn a Rokon into a mechanical power source for their individual needs.    

A PTO powered generator is available as well.  This generator could be a life saver in search and rescue operations, providing remote power for mobile command units, LED  tower lighting, charging radios, or even running small heaters.  The ability to produce electricity at the edges of the earth makes the PTO such an incredible rescue operation tool. 

The PTO is built into every Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycle.  No matter which bike you ride, with the right accessories, your Rokon could make a huge difference, in a big way.  Being able to climb a 60% grade may mean your Rokon is the only machine that can make it to the rescue, the job site, or across the gully, and that you are the only who might be able to save the day. 

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