Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles are famous for crawling all over the face of our little blue planet.  They are the bike that almost anyone can jump on and ride.  What makes them so unique from other motorcycles?  Besides the obvious stuff that’s found in our marketing materials, such as being able to tow 2,000 pounds, climb a 60% grade, or pack 600 pounds on the frame, or float, the most unspoken advantage of owning a Rokon is the automatic transmission, coupled with a three-gear selectable gear box.  The combination of these two pieces of engineering working in conjunction with each other is pure genius. 

The gear box allows the rider to select a super low, medium or high gear., depending on whether they are climbing, hauling, or cruising.  These are the three gear ranges.  When these fixed gears are coupled with automatic centrifugal clutching, it provides the rider with all the benefits of an automatic transmission (no shifting on the fly, no clutch levers to break when falling, full grip strength on the bars when you need it, full focus on the task at hand), while being able to have more speed options than other  standard automatic transmissions found on many of todays modern ATV’s and side-by-sides. 

The automatic transmission keeps the engines RPM’s working where it’s most efficient.  This prolongs the life of the engine, increases the safety of the rider, and completely eliminates the chance of rider error and missed gears when it counts most. 

The Rokon transmission was designed by Rokon, is built right here in America.  It’s the transmission that just lets you get on and ride. 

Fleet managers, rescue organizations, police, fire, military, first responders and more won’t have to train members of their teams who have never ridden a motorcycle how to shift on the fly.  The three gears are all selected at a standstill, before the work is to be done.  Once the gear is engaged, the rider just gets on and goes.  This greatly reduces the training time for riders, and allows them to focus on getting the bike where it needs to go without the intimidation that can come with shifting stander manual gears. 

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  1. william says:

    Could someone send me a link for online parts catalog? I have the option to buy a Rokon but it needs some repairs checking to see what my costs would be. Thanks!

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