Which Bike is Right For You?

Purchasing a new Rokon is a lot like purchasing a new truck.  Some basic questions to ask are:

  • What will you be using it for?
  • Is cost or function most important? 
  • Where will you use it most (road/dirt/mountain/woods)
  • What gear will you be taking along?

All Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles start on the same basic foundation.  This is just like buying a truck.  The frame, wheels, tires, engine and transmission may all be the same, but the accessories and packages make all the difference in how it is used.  

The Scout

The foundation of all Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles is the Scout.  It’s the backbone of the entire lineup.  The frame can carry up to 600 pounds, can be fitted with a wide assortment of attachments, accessories, and implements.  It can be fitted with a Power Take Off (PTO) for running generators, pumps, and other PTO implements.  The scout offers a robust 7hp engine, three speed selectable transmission, and of course, Rokon’s famous two-wheel drive power system. 

The Scout can ford rivers, streams and ponds up to 23” deep.  It can handle inclines of up to 60% grade.  It can tow up to 2,000 pounds.  It can carry a passenger, gobs of cargo, and can even be fitted with a sidecar.  All Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles can do everything listed here.  Different models with advanced features can do even more.  The Scout has fixed front and rear axles and uses low PSI tires and a spring in the seat for increased and comfort while riding.  And because Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles are designed to get you there, they come fitted with large ATV Maxxis 2.0 Bighorn 8x12x25” tubeless tires.  It’s been said that a Rokon can go almost anywhere you can walk.  But can you hold 600 pounds on your back?  

The Trailbreaker

The next major iteration of Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles is the Trailbreaker.  The Trailbreaker offers all the features of the Scout, with two major advancements.  First, the added comfort and safety of front shocks.  The shocks provide a full 8” of travel, keeping the rider more comfortable, and the power of the front tire on the ground more of the time.   Second, the custom made wheels are actually hollow, sealed drums.  This means you can store a whopping 2.5 gallons of fuel or water in each wheel.  Talk about extending your range, or your time off the grid.  The Trailbreaker relies on the foundation of the Scout, and all other Rokon models are built after the Trailbreaker, with front suspension and hollow drum wheels.  From here, we get into the specialty bikes which are designed to perform in specific environments at their absolute best. 

The Trailbreaker for Hunters

The Trailbreaker for Hunters is a copy/paste of the original trailbreaker.  The advantage of this Rokon is the option of a camouflage upgrade.  If you need to stay hidden in the woods, or just love the look of Camo, this is the bike for you.  The Trailbreaker for Hunters also includes handguards to keep your knuckles safe from those pesky branches, bushes and badgers that seem to attach our hands from time to time.  

The Trailbreaker for Preppers

The Trailbreaker for Preppers is the perfect start to the end of the world.  It offers many advantages to those preparing to “bug out” including an updated LED front headlight, onboard maintenance kit, charging port, survival kit with metal water and cooking containers, survival knife with magnesium fire starter, solar blanket, LED headlamp, compass, rope and water proof matches that are fitted into onboard saddlebags.  With its matte black finish and can-do attitude, all that’s left is for you to get on and ride.  The Trailbreaker for Preppers also includes hand guards to keep your hands safe from brush, branches and the like.  The Trailbreaker for Preppers is also EMP Proof (along with all other Rokon models) 

Ranger (street legal)

Getting off the road and way back in the woods in incredible, but “someone’s got to get the groceries, honey” and it might as well be you with a smile on your face.  The Rokon Ranger will put that smile on your face, and you’ll probably find many “creative” ways to get to where you are going.  The Ranger provides the rider with all the features and benefits of the Trailbreaker, with the addition of a Street legal upgrades including mirrors, blinkers, license plate light, reflectors, horn, speedometer, odometer, trip meter and upgraded headlight.  The Ranger is also fitted with Kanati Mongrel 10 ply DOT appr. 8x12x25” tubeless road tires, which give plenty of grip on and off the road.  The Rokon Ranger is geared slightly higher, giving the rider a top speed of 37 mph, while all other models have a top speed of 35 mph.  


The Mototractor is the workhorse of the lineup.  It has an extended cargo bed, retro seat, and is designed to haul, pull, drag, plow, mow and more.  Any Rokon model can do all these things, the Mototractor just makes it a little more awesome.  In order to get more traction to the earth, the Mototractor is fitted with 8x12x25” Green Ball Grim Reaper ATV tubeless tires.  

Each Rokon bike is similar, and each has its own advantages.  We love answering questions, and are honored to help you select the best Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycle for your needs.