If you’ve been looking at Rokon’s for a while, you’ve probably noticed that while every model except the scout includes front suspension, there is no shock in the rear.  Why it that, and is it comfortable to ride?  

Although they contain no rear shock, Rokon motorcycles are quite comfortable to ride.  You can’t see it unless you look closely, but all Rokon models include rider suspension, attached directly to the seat.  The MotorTractor uses a slightly different suspension method, but all others use a typical shock and spring combination to give the rider a smoother, more comfortable journey.  It’s not rear suspension, it’s rider suspension.  

Rokon riders take their bikes in all types of terrain, all over the world.  The seat suspension, combined with the thick foam in the seat give the rider a comfortable ride.  The long swing arm and shock that you’d find on a typical racing dirt bike are unnecessary on a Rokon.  We don’t jump 80 foot gaps, or drop off 10 foot ledges, so there is no need to include suspension for those types of impacts.  

Rokon’s are designed to haul, pull, climb, hunt, rescue and work.  Those activities often require a rigid platform to work from.  Putting 600 pounds on the frame, or towing 2,000 pounds would be much more difficult and dangerous if a rear end shock were part of the equation.  The rear of a Rokon is the platform for work, and that’s what it does best.  

Rokon two-wheel drive motorcycles also ride are large ATV style tires.  The tires are soft and squishy, and when inflated to the recommended pressure of between between 4 and 7 PSI, they add another level of bliss to rider comfort.  Are Rokon’s the most comfortable thing to ride for days at a time?  Probably not.  But neither is a backhoe, a riding mower, or an apache helicopter.  Is it comfortable enough for you to accomplish the job at hand?  Absolutely.  

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